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It’s that time of the year again: finals. 

Little time spent on exercising and eating right, and more time wallowing in self-pity as you slave your minds away in the library. (my current position as of right now)

I understand that we have less time to cook and exercise, but remember to make smart choices. If you’re going to eat out, choose healthy. Deciding to keep yourself awake with a Starbucks cookie? think again. Don’t forget about every fitblr’s best friend (aside from peanut butter): a banana. A good source of fuel and a healthy option. 

Keep your heads up high during this time of impending doom finals. 

I wish all of you good luck! 

oh my gosh, guys. 

1. I’m actually writing a text post (let us treasure this moment)

2. I ran almost 20 minutes straight today. I just kept going. totally had a forrest gump moment and I loved it. 

3. oh, this is exciting because I always run in increments of 5 minutes and today, my endurance was unbelievable. 

4. ok I’m done. 


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Today’s Exercise

-30 minute walk/run

-30 Day Shred! 

Tried the 30 day shred for the first time today and it essentially kicked my ass, but I shared a great love/hate relationship with it. Probably won’t be able to do it until a couple of days because of work, but I can’t wait to do it again. 

Discovered a creative form of cardio yesterday. 

Going wild in a moon bounce arena

AWYEAH. that’s right. Yesterday, a friend and I went to a moonbounce arena with the two kids she nannies for and we went crazy for about 2 hours. 

Wrists were hurt, bruises were formed, scratches were embedded in our skins, and backs snapped. (the latter pained only me and my friend. yeah, the kids didn’t get hurt at all.) But totally worth it!

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Tomorrow I start my 4th week of the running program my orthopaedic assigned me! 

1st week-walk 30 minutes

2nd week-walk 30 minutes

3rd week-10% run (3 minutes WOOO..not), 27 minutes walk

4th week-30% run (9 minutes, 21 minutes walk

…with each passing week, I increase my run time by 20%. I was glad to say the least that I got to run some of the time this past week. 

Here’s to hoping my ankle’s up for the challenges of this upcoming week! 

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just tried beginners yoga by tara stiles for the first time. let’s just say that I have no coordination with my body. 

it was my first time trying yoga, so it’ll take me time to show even the slightest bit of poise and flexibility. but i’m so pumped for this! 


In honor of my 1000th follower, I’ve put together a timeline of my progress from January 2012 to March 2012. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds! Thank you so much for the constant support! I love all your messages!

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Without aerobics, you won’t burn sufficient calories.

Without strength training, you won’t tone up and might lose muscle mass. This results in the “skinny fat” look where even though you’re small, everything jiggles.

Without flexibility, you could be prone to injury and you will not get those long, lean muscles you’re looking for. Flexibility also improves your range of motion.

EVERY area of fitness is important! Incorporate them all into your weekly workout.


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