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Look at this beaut of a salad I just had: 

  • mixed greens
  • half an avocado
  • cherry tomatoes
  • grilled chicken
  • red bell pepper
  • hint of italian dressing
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Insanity Day 3: 

Did I die? No. Do I feel like it? You know it. 

Yesterday’s cardio circuit absolutely killed me, but today’s workout was not as bad. I felt the soreness immediately after working out, but it felt good, because I knew it was working. 

Before each Insanity workout, I go running for about 30 minutes. I think the program is tremendously taking a toll in my energy economy while running. My legs are sore and I don’t feel like I’m improving speed-wise. I mean, it’s only three days in and I still have ways to go.  

Started Insanity today. I don’t know if I’m going to follow through with it since I’m already running for 30 minutes 5 times a week. Here are the stats for my initial fit test: 

  • switch kicks: 80
  • power squats: 38
  • power knees: 50
  • power jumps: 30 
  • globe jumps: 6
  • suicide jumps: 9 
  • push-up jacks: 13
  • low plank oblique: 29

Yeah let me just tell y’all…I was struggling. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow through with the program for at least 30 days, and we’ll see where it takes me! 



  • Day 7 of 30 day shred - done. BAM
  • elliptical for 20 minutes - done. BOOM
  • HIIT for 20 minutes - done. BADA BING

wow i sound lame. 


Today’s intake was kind of ehh. Overall my meals were okay but what really killed me is that my roommate soaked our chicken for dinner in cream of chicken soup. Whatever, it’s in my body now and I just gotta move on and remain positive. 

My workout: 

  • 30 day shred level 1 - day 4 (since I have no upper body strength whatsoever, I think I might have reduce my weights from 5 lbs to 3 lbs)
  • 40 mins on the elliptical

rolled my ankle within the first two minutes of running today. just when my ankle was all healed and running was becoming my norm, everything just went downhill. 

hoping for a fast and efficient recovery. 

the ultimate snack. 

It’s that time of the year again: finals. 

Little time spent on exercising and eating right, and more time wallowing in self-pity as you slave your minds away in the library. (my current position as of right now)

I understand that we have less time to cook and exercise, but remember to make smart choices. If you’re going to eat out, choose healthy. Deciding to keep yourself awake with a Starbucks cookie? think again. Don’t forget about every fitblr’s best friend (aside from peanut butter): a banana. A good source of fuel and a healthy option. 

Keep your heads up high during this time of impending doom finals. 

I wish all of you good luck! 

my lunch: 

multigrain bread with turkey bacon, two scrambled eggs, spinach, habanero cheese, and hot sauce. 

some assorted berries on the side


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Leg progress! From January until now :) Also like five shades darker yay haha 

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