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Without aerobics, you won’t burn sufficient calories.

Without strength training, you won’t tone up and might lose muscle mass. This results in the “skinny fat” look where even though you’re small, everything jiggles.

Without flexibility, you could be prone to injury and you will not get those long, lean muscles you’re looking for. Flexibility also improves your range of motion.

EVERY area of fitness is important! Incorporate them all into your weekly workout.


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“How can I turn my fat into muscle? I really want to be tone”

You can’t turn fat into muscle. They are two completely separate tissues in the body. You can LOSE fat and BUILD muscle but you cannot change one into another.
You also cannot “tone” your fat. Being “toned” comes from building muscle and lowering your body fat enough to see the definition and hardness of the muscles beneath. 

My Tips for Getting “Toned”:

  • Get rid of the junk food! This includes (but not limited to): regular and diet soda, cookies, chips, crackers, candy, white breads and pastas, fruit juice, sugary cereal, condiments like ketchup, mayo, ranch and other fattening/sugary dressings and marinades, fast food, frozen dinners and most packaged goods. 
  • Eat Clean. Start making your own meals from wholesome lean proteins, veggies, fruit and healthy fats. Basically, eat as close to natural as possible! Aim to eat small meals every 2-3 hours to keep blood sugar stable. Each meal should have a source of protein.
  • EAT IN GENERAL. Don’t starve yourself. You will just lose muscle (this will slow your metabolism), create unhealthy habits and harm your body. You will not reach your goals any faster by using this method. You will also be far more likely to gain the weight back once you start eating normally again. Find a way of eating that you can maintain for the long-term… not some “quick-fix”.
  • Cut out the alcohol. It shuts down your metabolism, promotes fat storage and breaks down muscle tissue. It’s basically treated by the body as a toxin… If you’re serious about getting in shape, not drinking won’t be a problem.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fresh H20 and green tea. Avoid adding sugar, as it spikes insulin and keeps your body from burning fat efficiently.
  • Lift weights! Women do not have the levels of testosterone necessary to bulk up the way men do. Lift heavy, train each body part once or twice a week (not just the ones you want to “tone”). The more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism will be, which makes it easier to lose fat.
  • Be Patient. It’s going to take time. You’re going to have setbacks and there will be bumps in the road… (we’re human and we make mistakes!) But if you don’t give up, you will eventually reach your goals.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t.. you’re right”. Believe in yourself. It IS possible for you to achieve your health and fitness related goals… you just have to give it your all. <3

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And I’ll find strength in pain. And I will change my ways.


incredible difference in just 60 days!


CatSummer (My Fitness Pal):

Hi, I would like to share my P90X results with anyone who is thinking of doing this program, or has already started. At first I did not notice too much difference in my body shape, but suddenly (over the last few weeks) that has changed a lot, and now I feel great. I have lost 24 pounds, and I can see a dramatic difference!! 

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